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    Need Help, Please!

      Well I want to save my procject as a movie file which has very good quality.
      For example I import trailer into my project and I want to save it same quality as the trailer has, but I have tryed to do that, but all the time I save it as noraml quality not like trailer quality (HD)! Do you know how tdo do that, to save it as really good quality?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Please be more specific as to what you do. Composition settings? Footage Interpretation? Generally AE is not the best tool to convert compressed media, so also consider otehr options and programs.

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            Well I add front of the trailer my Logo or Icon, so I press Make Movie... to save it as a movie file, so I select then Output Module then I choose Custom. Foramt is Windows Media. Then I select Format options are cutom all are set to maximum.

            Composition settins are:

            BitRate: 8888kps
            Dimensions: 1280 x 720
            File Type: WMV
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              craulmedia Level 1
              wmv is probably not the ideal format, its a distribution format.
              try rendering a quicktime movie set to PNG-Codec, this codec works lossless and also includes Alpha (Transparency).
              If you like to encode your final video for web or DVD, use the Adobe Media Encoder within your hi-res output.
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                WillAngel, you still did not tell us about the footage interpretation and what actually your sources are. WMV may be compressed, but with high data rates it's barely noticeable, so I tend to think you are messing up somewhere else. just not possible to make sense from your description...