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    Live 3D import does not accept Lights


      so i get a 3ds 3D model via Photoshop CS4 3D Live to AfterEffects CS4. Import as composition, Live 3D selected. The model displays nicely in AE, i open the containing composition and rotate in real 3D like theres no tomorrow. BUT! when i try to apply a Light (still inside the 3D comp), the 3D model does not catch it.

      Now, i can add all the effects directly to the 3D model. I can use camera. Only the lights dont seem to be working. I added Sapphire Lightning Spotlight, and that lights up my 3D model nicely.

      It seems to me that as Lights only affect 3D layers and the only 3D object is the controller (null object), Lights just cant work with the actual 3D model itself (which is just a 2D facade in AE, controlled by the uppermentioned controller?).

      Any help appreciated,


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