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    Shuffling Bricks Effect

    LVChris Level 1
      So I am trying to create an effect where my logo breaks into bricks (3-D ish) that shuffle around (ala Harry Potter's entrance to Diagon Alley) and come back together to reform the logo. Or at least something close. (something that looks something like this...
      At first I thought Shatter, tried in vain, then I thought Card Dance, again no luck, suddenly EchoSpace! Nope, that's not going to work either....back to shatter....and I got close.

      By using a custom shatter map the shape of the logo, and a texture on the sides of the bricks (I want the inner edges to be gold)I managed to get something like the effect I was looking for. Problem is I have no control over it...I need it to break apart, the bricks to rotate and move, then reassemble. The reassemble is the tricky part. I tried reversing the comp and suddenly shatter gets crazy... even with a time-remap shatter goes nuts. Now I know I can pre-render the footage and do it, but I am just curious as to why the reverse or time re-map doesn't work. Any ideas?

      Also I am open to anyone else's take on how this effect could be accomplished.


      Chris N