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    Keying video that has similar colour background, advice please-image included.

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      Last-year I visited America, and on the last day managed to secure an interview with a WW2 Ace, which had to be done within a very short time span.

      Unfortunately this left me with a situation that I couldn't really control, and so I am in a situation where I need to add a background to footage (doesn't need to be perfect, so a fringe would be acceptable), but I wonder if anyone can give me steps on how to best remove the Pilot from the plain background.

      An image can be seen here from the footage:


      As you can see, his shirt and hair are very similar to the background colour, so I have had difficulty colour and chroma-keying.

      I am wondering if it is possible to key him out of the background, or whether I'm chasing my own tail?

      Any help would be much appreciated, cheers, Neil.