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    Ram stops working in the middle of export

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      Hello, Im on a 2x Quad Core Intel Mac pro with 32gb of ram, running After Effects CS4. I have multiprosessing enabled and Im working in adaptive resolution. I do extremely heavy 2.5D comps. The system has been great so far but Ive been having problems occasionally on my exports. I go through the render cue set all my settings to my likings and hit render and also enable caps lock for faster render.
      Usually when I export its quick and fast with all 8 cores using 3gb or ram each, when looking at the activity monitor you can see the ram is maxed out and everything is quick. But for more complex comps ive been finding that the export starts out quick


      with an estimated time of 10min lets say, and all cores utilizing the max amount of ram, then about a quarter into the export the estimated time shoots to like 30min to 40min and suddenly the ram usage suddenly drops almost completely.


      to this


      In other words its like the multiprosessing or cores stop working I guess.
      Is their a reason for this to be happening, Im trying to figure out if this is a software bug or if its a system thing, has anyone else had such things happen? It seems to happen for more complex and heavy comps.

      Many Thanks in advance.
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          craulmedia Level 1
          Deactivating OpenGL

          removing RAM till 8GB left and try again rendering, maybe its faulty RAM.


          if you have apple care protection plan you have "Techtool Deluxe" for maintenance incl. RAM Test.


          running Applejack in auto-mode
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            craulmedia Level 1
            Ok, Thank you very much Todd, this is very interesting to me, but let me have a serious question: what will happen in the nick of time to eliminate these flaws?
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              Thanks for the feedback, I have a follow up question,

              Is their a reason why the comp is able to export in hallf resolution without multiprocessing shutting down but is unable to at full resolution?
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                You are using a large blur, glow or similar effect somewhere that dilates/ expands the buffer beyond what the RAM assigned to the background instances can hold. Since the BG instances are solely controlled by the AE process manager, they have no way of directly requesting more RAM (or disk swap memory) from the operating system and thus shut down. The single remaining instance of the main program doesn't suffer from this limitation. At half resolution it naturally works, as the processing of the effect(s) that make everything go *poof* at full res is naturally also based just on teh half res version, hence it may be just enough.


                Rest assured that solutions to these issues are being worked on and in weird and wonderful ways everything shall be much better in CS5. It has been stated from many sides that CS5 will bring the transition from Carbon to Cocoa for all major Adobe products and as a Mac-addict, you can take a guess at which additional benefits there may be to working with a 64bit API... ;-)

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                  Thanks for the responses, i really do hope these issues are resolved in CS5 because it's a little frustrating to find out I won't get the full kick from my ram when working on heavier comps which is a norm for me now.

                  Thanks again for the feedback

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                    craulmedia Level 1
                    b everything shall be much better in CS5.

                    shall? bad excuse for those who already spent money whilst upgrading.
                    at least i'd expected a huge progress for CS4.
                    I'm just asking myself why adobe did not rather took their time, developing their stuff for a two year period considering all the main feature requests from anno 2000 and we'd mostly be fine.

                    I'm working in a huge agency and ALL machines are still supplied with CS2, i mean, we have 2009. Somethings definetly wrong with the upgrade prices vs. progress that would be worth menitoned by the IT-Head ofs to the CEO considering the future investments into software upgrades.

                    Sorry and by all respect, but i still feel like beta testing a major release :(
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                      Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee
                      I think Todd's post on features which disable multiprocessing was not followed properly.
                      There are features which by their very nature do not get along well with simultaneous multi-core rendering. This is not specific to AE, and actually AE does the right thing in turning off multiprocessing in these cases, given that otherwise things would end taking much longer. This is the case for things like Particle Playground, many time-based effects and some third party plug-ins. This kind of highly time-dependent tools work in a way in which a frame is not really an independent entity from other frames and thus feeding separate frames to the different cores would make things worse, not better.

                      This is of course very different from the cases Lutz explained, in which a switch to 64 bit processing would definitely change everything.