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    after effects to flash export?

      I have this posted in the Flash forum and wanted to post here too. I do not know about AE but maybe someone can help me here. If you go to this link http://www.henrikknudsen.com/ the opening animation is an effect on a text. This effect was created one of two ways, in Illustrator or After Effects. Can AE export to fla? I don't think so as I have tried to find the answer but for arguement sake if I created the same text effect in AE how can I export it into flash? I have Illustrator CS3 and found out how to export animations as swfs. So in my case I would have to create the text effect In AI and export as an swf (frame by frame animation) but this is where I need help. I cannot find a way to export just a text effect and drop it in an existing fla? I need to extract the text effect and put it in an existing fla Only way I could think of was using loadMovie feature in Flash but there has to be a different way. Another way would be to use a Flash decompiler to convert the AI swf back into an fla then copy the animation and paste into a layer in a new fla follow? I went ahead and used a Flash decompiler and opened the swf of the link http://www.henrikknudsen.com/. In the fla the text effect is in a layer with frame by frame animation inside a movieclip on the main timeline. So how did they export an swf of this text effect and get the effect into a movieclip since Illustrator only exports swf's not fla's?

      if I'm unclear in my explanation I'd be glad to clarify it.
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          You render images or movies from AE and import them into Flash itself, plain and simple. AE does not generate FLA files and in this case even the XFL format would not serve, either, as it does only transport transform animation. What kind of movie or image format you use is pretty much your choice, but naturally PNGs with Alpha or Flash Video with Alpha seem the most logical. Though, with PixelBender, you'd probably not care to even do that and code a respective simple box filter in flash...