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    "Sniffer_GPU.exe" Has stopped working... AE crashes on start

      Hey guys, finally got around installing the AE CS4 trial to test this baby out but... keep getting this problem.

      As soon as I click on the after effects icon windows gives me this error about "sniffer_gpu.exe", and AE crashes away into oblivion. So I am assuming this is an openGL thing. I have tried renaming the sniffer_gpu.exe to see if AE will just skip it but then AE just doesn't even really get into the splash screen and hangs.

      I am on Vista x64 and I have an ATI video card with the latest drivers (pretty high end, the name escapes me but its an X2 so it has basically two video cards pre-sli'ed). I see that there have been a few people with this problem but no one ever had a fix.