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    RAM Preview timecode counter ... where did it go?

      This issue has been bothering me for a while now, but I've kept forgetting to inquire about it until now and really hope someone knows the answer ...

      Up until recent versions of AE, while RAM previews were being generated the frame-by-frame timecode would count off in AE's viewer window as each frame rendered. That was very useful when using RAM previews to review compositions frame-by-frame for various reasons, rather than only to see real-time playback. That feature went away somewhere around CS1 or CS2 and I miss it terribly since it is very useful for identifying specific frames that one couldn't possibly pinpoint during realtime playback.

      Was the feature replaced by some new way of accomplishing the same that I just haven't found yet?

      people attempting to help have directed me to the Info Panel, which indicates I haven't explained my question clearly enough since the Info Panel doesn't display frame-by-frame timecode as a RAM preview is generated ... only the total number of frames, not an actual timecode count as those frames render.

      Thanks for any help and, if any of the Adobe AE team happens to see this, please consider this a request to return that very useful feature to AE.