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    "file not found (-43) (3::3)" error while trying to collect files

    fredou_79 Level 1

      I'm trying to collect files on 6 different projects to transfert computer.

      I did the first successfully, but the 5 other are giving me "file not found (-43) (3::3)" error when I try to collect files. The folder created is empty.

      All my file are linked in my project and I've checked the folder refered, all the files are online and on my hard disk.

      I've found this link:
      but it seems to imply that AE would export the project nevertheless only with colorbar on the missing file(s). Which is not so since the export folder is empty and crash occurs at start of collect files so could barely have time to copy anything.

      I also browsed this link:

      and tried saving to another location to no avail. No auto backup antivirus disk defrag, indexing are running when I try and I can easily find files by my own if I look in appropriate folder.

      Any clues on this?

      Thank you.