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      So I just upgraded my work PC to XP64, and everything is smooth..until I find out that PicaView a little app I have been using for years is not compatable. Oh well figure i will have to live with it, but finding out I can't!
      PicaView is a small app that adds a thumbnail prewiew to your right-click context menu in any file viewer i.e. the open file window in AE. I can't tell you how great it works. Image files, sound file, animations, multi-file animation. It's truely amazing.

      Which brings me to my post. anyone using a XP64 compatable app that is anything like this that they would recommend?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          No. not that I'm aware of and I don't think it's even possible. MS never converted the required API hooks for XP64. You need to upgrade to Vista64/ Windows 7 to get that, I think.