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    retaining transparency from after effects to photoshop

      Hi everyone, have a relatively simple problem that seemed to work fine in the last iteration of After Effects. I have exported an RGBA sequence as TIFFs and wanted to import them into Photoshop to make some paint fixes that would be done easier in photoshop than after effects. The problem is that when I import them into Photoshop the transparency of the alpha areas is replaced with a solid color. the alpha channel is still intact but the transparency is not automatically there like in After effects. When I export premultiplied the solid takes on the default BG color I have in After Effects, in this case it was arbitrarily white, when I render Straight it takes on the color Black. Is there some sort of setting in Photoshop I am not using correctly. I could use a different format like EXR I suppose, but now I really want to know why this is happening with TIFFs. What am I missing?
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          David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
          When exporting for Photoshop, you MUST use Straight Alphas. PS doesn't use premultiplied alphas; you will see a 'halo' around the alpha.

          To remove the alpha, switch to Channel, hold ctrl (on PC) and click the thumbnail of the alpha - that selects the alpha selection. Then, I ctrl-j to copy that onto a new layer, and then fill in the original layer with a solid color, so I can see my keyed imaged.

          If I have a lot of frames that I need to import, I trim them all in After Effects, then hit [ to shift all the inpoints to the current time. Composition/Save Frame As/ Photoshop layers. Then it imports 'keyed'.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            As David said - always use straight. The behavior of not using Alphas as transparency automatically has been the center of much debate in the past, but that's just how it is. Simply create an action for it, if you use it often. Also do not forget, that you can work with clips as Video Layers and add multiple layers to a stack/ smart object, in case you work with sequences...

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              Interesting,I had not realized that the save as photoshop layers had been made available for 16bpc and 32bpc PSD's. That is very helpful. Other than that I find it so weird that if I create a PSD with transparent alpha regions, they translate identical into After Effects, but it doesn't work the same way in the opposite direction with the exception of the save as Photoshop Document. It would be great that if in future versions of After Effects if you could render sequences with all layers intact for import into Photoshop. I know Dynamic Link sort of handles this, and it is a pretty specific request so I don't know if that would ever happen. Still we do a ton of little frame to frame fixes in which we often end up using Photoshop at our studio so it would really help actually. We do stereo painting and although After effects works for a lot of it, although it is not the most stereo friendly, lots of other work requires the more elaborate and precise tools in Photoshop.
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                Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee
                Why not use PNG as the export format, which has the same quality as TIFF (provided you're not using 32 bpc) but gives transparency to PS automatically?
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                  I noticed that too, which I started using. Although EXR seems to work for 32bpc with the same transparency interpretation. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.