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    walking type

      I would like to create text that walks in kinda like a slinky...that can bend end over end...

      I am currently trying to do it with a bezier path, but it does not look great and am wanting to know if you had any better thoughts on how to do this...

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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
          I hope you get better, more helpful advice. I tend to look at this kind of animation challenge through my Olde 16mm glasses and I immediately default to shooting hand drawn cels on a stand.

          This is something I personally would never attempt in AE. I'd be trying a 3D modeler with inverse kinetics built in as a design and construction tool.
          If you're dead set on trying to to do it AE, search the help system for IK.

          If you have access to Final Cut, Livetype has a "walking" text preset. you can change the color of the text and apply other timing adjustment and effects but the typeface is hard-coded.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            As David said - much better doable in 3D. Your problem will be the deformability of your type, which is kinda impossible to do in AE for more complex contours due to lack of respective displacement effects. For simple setups with only a few letters you could of course attempt Bezier warp, CC Bender, CC Bend It, Liquify, Reshape and the Puppet Tool...

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              LVChris Level 1
              I have seen some great walking type by using the puppet tool...I think Angie Taylor did it.