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    Color Finesse in AE - preview within Plug-in is not the same as results in timeline

    adobefishman Level 1
      I don't know if we're alone, and it's more than likely that we're doing something very wrong, but we've never been able to get an accurate display in the preview within Color Finesse.

      The footage always displays too washed out --not at all how it looks in AE's comp window (and obviously HUGE issue when color correcting footage).

      Now before you ask..our Project settings are 709 (16-235) and so too is the settings within Color Finesse.

      In the timeline the shot may look warm and rich in the blacks, but open CF and it washes right out. Ive tried every preference setting check box (both on & off) and nothing changes.

      We had this issue in CS3 and it was so frustrating we just dumped Finesse...which is too bad because we used to use it a lot in earlier versions.

      Now were on a project where it would really save time but no avail.

      Any thoughts...anyone?