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    ERROR when Full Interface button of Color Finesse "effect" pressed

      In CS3, when I apply the Color Finesse "effect" to my clip, the simplified interface is available and enabled: it works.

      But when I click on the Color Finesse Full Interface button, the Splash Screen appears and after a few seconds, I get an unhandled exception error: Access violation writing....

      So basically, I cannot activate the full interface in color finesse.

      What should be my first course of action?

      What are all of my options to rectify this problem?

      Can I JUST undo the activation of Color Finesse and try to reactivate it again?

      I've considered deactivation and reinstallation of all of CS3 Master Collection. Then reinstallation and reactivation of CS3 Master Collection and activating Color Finesse again to see if it will work on this second try. (I really don't want to do this. It's overkill to deactivate and reinstall all of CS3 Master Collection when the problem is just with AE and CF.)