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    Render Failed

      Hellow I'm running After Effects on a 2 G RAM PC. I have a 4min 720x405 presentation that is going to be outputted for CDRom and Web. When trying to render output the render usually fails (without error) or i get usual the After Effects error 108 out of memory. I have tried purging I have tried increasing ram usuage and clearing disk cache. I don't have any other drive so I'm stuck using the same HD for overflows and cache. I tried outputting at medium quality and using half resolution. I have tried using adaptive resolution and using open GL but to no avail. Can someone recommend an output setting that I can use that will be able to give me a decent quality and not fail everytime I render?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          It most certainly doesn't hinge on the resolution or something, but you may be using either a very heavy blur or glow somewhere, continuous rasterization, temporal effects (frame blending, Timewarp) or a "leaky" legacy plug-in that eats all your memory. For the plug-in stuff, upgrade to the newest version, for the rest look through your comps layer by layer, turn off suspicious effects/ features and try to render again.

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            (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
            You can also go to the "secret" prefs (hold down "shift" while accessing the preferences - then navigate to the "secret" options via the pull-down menu), and set AE to purge every 1 frame during the render & disable layer caching. Make sure to reset those preferences after your render completes.
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              icecappacino Level 1
              "and set AE to purge every 1 frame during the render & disable layer caching. Make sure to reset those preferences after your render completes."

              I had my secrets prefs set to purge every 5 frames already but disabling the layer caching and taking of the frame motion blurs seemed to help
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                icecappacino Level 1
                can anyone recommend a "standard" or "safe" render output settings to use when attempting projects like these? to avoid these sort of problems?
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                  (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
                  As Mylenium suggested, resolution shouldn't be a factor in this case. Probelmatic codec? Maybe, but it's more likely an effect, or just that you're killing all of your RAM (2GB isn't really as much as it would seem). Purging every frame (not every 5) would be your safest bet. As far as codecs, you could try Quicktime "Animation" at best/full quality, or safer yet, a PNG sequence (or other image sequence - i.e. tif, tga, etc...).
                  With an image sequence, you'll still have every frame up until the render crashed...
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                    "I have a 4min 720x405 presentation . . ."

                    That may be your problem. Some codecs are very picky about frame size. A little more info about your output codec would help. MPEG formats and DV formats have specific frame sizes that must be used or the render will fail.
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                      icecappacino Level 1
                      Well here is a snapshot of my output settings

                      I am using quicktime animation at best. I'll try upgrading my quicktime plugin.

                      I tried the quicktime at 1/2 the res and at a medium quality and it rendered without error....however the quality is less than desirable.

                      i tried using 1/2 at best but got alot of blank areas(plain red screens) in the final rendered output.

                      After upgrading i'm going to try the every frame purge and see if it helps.
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                        icecappacino Level 1
                        Well i have upgraded my quicktime and i set the purge frames to 1. I then used 1/2 resolution on 87 high quality and I am able to get a completed render but in some parts of the video i get a blank red screen where there should be animations. My footages are all SWFs and JPEGS
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                          Animation Codec can be set to any frame size. I'm not sure what you're meaning when you set the resolution to half. If you do that your rendered movie would be half the size of the original comp (360 wide).

                          I suspect that the problem is the SWF footage. You need to make sure the frame rates are correct. If I ever work with SWF footage I always convert it to QuickTime before using it in a project.

                          Have you read the rendering section of the help files?
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                            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                            Blank red screens usually mean issues with the source items. I agree with Rick, that in those parts the SWFs may not get rasterized properly.

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                              icecappacino Level 1
                              Ah I see you most likely are right Rick. What I had to do was split the movie into parts and join them back into one. Don't know why its working like that but its working. I guess my mistake was using SWF's i notice that the frame rate used was 30 while my movies frame rate is 20.... Is there like a specs sheet template for knowing what frame rate to use. I know flash is usually 12 - 15...
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                                yenaphe Level 4
                                In the project planel, when you clic on an element, next to the preview on top area, you will have the dimensions and the framerate.
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                                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                                  SWFs can be any frame rate. It really depends on what content they have and how smooth they are supposed to play. So that 12-15fps thingy is not necessarily true. If you are uncertain about the actual frame rate, force-interpret to a fixed frame rate. This may speed up animation and such, but it's nothing you can't compensate with some pre-composing and time-stretching.