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    Using time remapping w/AE CS4  to freeze time/video freezes but not audio

    LudaDave Level 1
      Ok I do alot of editing of sports. One thing I like to do is freeze the moment when a special play is about to happen, highlight the player (via masking), then resume play. I had no problem with this in CS3. Now when I use the same workflow in CS4 the video freezes but the audio doesn't. So when I play it back I see the video freeze BUT the audio is still playing...hence now my audio is not synced up with the video. Didn't do this in CS3. My workflow: from PP -rightclick clip- replace w/ AE comp- AE loads my clip in a comp- I enable time remapping- extend the duration of the comp by 5 sec- find the point I want to freeze-set a key frame-copy key frame to origninal position- now I have a 2 second freeze between 2 keyframes. When I check the comp in PP the video freezes where I want it to but the audio keeps playing during the freeze....even after render. Thoughts?