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    Personal Survey: John Nack on After Effects?

    craulmedia Level 1
      everyone who is reading extensively John Nacks blog about Photoshop may understand what i'm into.

      I'm not about to offend, but i believe that the Ae-Team is absolutely in need of someone like John Nack.

      What do you think?
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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          Like Todd K? You know there are other Adobe employees with blogs



          Steve Kilisky http://blogs.adobe.com/skilisky/

          and mic's is not his name, but:

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            craulmedia Level 1
            Todd is doing great work an his Blog is great.

            But read John Nacks blog about present and future of PS, maybe then you know what i'm into.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              >I'm not about to offend, but i believe that the Ae-Team is absolutely
              >in need of someone like John Nack.

              They have. Some people just prefer to not stand in the public's eye as much.

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                Thomas, what do you want the After Effects team to talk about that we aren't yet talking about?

                My job is to help people to use After Effects---to learn it, to be able to find information about it. So my blog and forum presence are necessarily going to be a bit different than John's. But, if I knew what kind of information you felt that you weren't getting, maybe I could help to get it to you.

                Michael Coleman has been talking quite a lot about After Effects and its future. Actually, a better way to say that is that Michael has been listening quite a lot. He puts a lot of effort into surveys and other ways of getting information from customers and potential customers. Maybe that's why it seems that there's a difference: talking a lot is obvious; listening a lot can go mostly unnoticed.

                Also, a lot of our conversations happen in other public places, like the ProVideo Coalition website.
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                  craulmedia Level 1
                  I know talk is cheap...

                  Todd, there were no criticism about your person, nor your work you're doing, nor that you have to change anything about way of doing.

                  i'm not interested in 64bit and all that stuff, i'm working with Ae since version 4 and i've never put performace over usability.

                  i'd just like to know what is happening to Ae usability overall b4 CS5 (or however it will be called) is shipped, just to eliminate the flaws we're begging to be eliminated since...

                  - spring loaded tools, context menues for overall access not just actual panel defined commands, enhancements in the comp panel navigating (seeing, selecting) layers, especially when effects are added, better usability of bezier handles (masks in general), 3D view and its coord. axis, usable render previews at half or third resolution, more accuracy when working with (Wacom) tablet, more than 8bpc capable plugins, reworking the render queue and its behavior to multiple instances of comps without setting up output module and render settings templates - select all - make changes - changes applied to all comps in the queue - having a "show in finder" "open in explorer" command after rendering is finished, (smart) folders in the timeline that behave like precompositions, better supportr for 1:1 full previews on monitor via Blackmagic Design and Aja Video Cards, at the moment resolution options are just: "Faster" or "More Accurate"... and so on, and so forth.

                  don't know what to tell, these are all things that could have been already implemented into CS4. Nice to know you are going 64 bit, but remember: usability over performance. render times do not bother me that much because a bunch of my friends ar working with 3D apps, an i know what does it mean really WAITING for a final render.

                  it´s all about the little, nearly unnoticable things that make performance impact. in my opinion its about having a good work-flow.