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    Problem batch exporting odd sized mp4's in After Effects?

      Just been given the great task of converting hours and hours of supplied image sequences into mp4/ h.264 files for playing through silverlight. I envisaged assembling these sequences with their supplied sound tracks in after effects and outputing to mp4 with h.264 encoding

      I'm working at a non broadcast size (1000 x 576)and cannot get the after effects h.264 exporter in the render queue (adobe media encoder) to swallow this size without throwing up an error. It wants me to stretch the footage to different sizes based on what few presets are available, when I want to maintain the current size.

      I know I can export exactly what I want via the file menu (file> export>MPEG4) or via quicktime if I export a lossless file first, but I can't batch that in a render queue & I will have quite a lot of files to set off.

      Is there any way to get the mpeg 4 render options as seen under file> export , working in the render queue as the standard options in the render queue seem limited?

      Alternatively can any anyone recommend a good batch mp4 encoder app in the event I cant get everything I want out of after effects?