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    Export PAL movie to Avid Media Composer

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      I have a PAL widescreen composition which I want to render into a file to use in an Avid Media Composer (DV25) project.

      I would normally just use the "DV settings" export option in AEX this results in juddering fields when I play the file back in Avid. I have tried changing the rendering field order and that doesn't seem to do the trick.

      Can anyone suggest the correct way of exporting these files from AEX?


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          (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
          Hey Ed.

          Are you using source footage (video) in your project?
          If so, have you interpreted it to separate fields (using the correct dominance setting)?

          If you imported interlaced footage, and moved, scaled, or applied effects to it in your timeline without separating fields first, then you'll likely be seeing some reversed fields issues. For PAL, the frame size of your comp should be 720x576 @ 25fps. The PAR will vary depending on whether or not your making an anamorphic comp, or a standard comp.

          It's safe to say that your PAL DV footage (if you're using any) should most likely be lower-field first. You can re-introduce fields (LFF) in the render queue as desired. All DV with the exception of some weird captures through, I believe a certain type of Matrox card, will be LFF.

          Also, make sure your AVID settings are appropriate for the PAL format, and the footage is being interpreted correctly there.
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            craulmedia Level 1
            Go To Avid.com and type "Avid Codecs" in the search field >> Choose LE 1.10 Codecs >> read about field ordering beneath >> install

            Ae >> interpret footage in Project Panel, fields set to none >> add to render queue >> choose avid codec in output module >> choose render settings and set appropiate field rendering on output.

            FYI: http://community.avid.com/forums/t/55996.aspx
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              Thomas, Ed may need to interpret his footage & separate fields if he is transforming or effecting his footage in the timeline (if he's using any imported footage).
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                ECS_1 Level 1
                Thanks for all the suggestions. None have worked so far.

                The AEX project is a mixture of progressive and interlaced footage, with one title which is bevelled and which moves. It needs to be exported into Avid as an interlaced DV movie.

                I render the AEX movie in the usual way using "Comosition>Add to Render Queue".

                When I add it to the render queue using normal DV AVI settings, it plays back fine in Adobe Premiere. However, the file appears low resolution (this is particularly obvious on the bevelled caption) when it plays back on the Avid timeline, and also there is clearly a problem with the field order.

                I've tried exporting it to Avid in a Quicktime Movie using the Avid DV codec, both Lower and Upper field first and indeed "No Fields". No fields removes the field rendering problem but not the low resolution, and it's no good to me anyway as it's not progressive material. I also tried using the (memory hungry) Avid 1.1x codec - same result.

                I have tried Thomas' suggestion of turning the fields off within the AEX project menu and it doesn't help.

                Any other suggestions?
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                  (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
                  Hey Ed. Have you done the below?

                  For each piece of footage, you must interpret it correctly.
                  In the Project Window, select the footage item, and under the "File" menu, choose "Interpret footage". Interpret each item accordingly. If the source is 24fps footage, apply the pulldown removal cadence that is required. If it's interlaced, separate fields as appropriate.
                  When your done, add the comp to Render Queue. Render to the DV codec (your frame size should be 720x480 NTSC, and 720x576 PAL. The PAR will vary depending on your project, and version of AE (CS3/CS4).
                  Render to LFF.

                  Can you post OS type/version, AE version, source footage types, etc...?
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                    yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                    Ed, do you have your interlacing problem on all shots of your exported video ? Even on the progressive shots ?


                    Have you checked the "Preserve Edge" on every interlaced footage ? (in the interpret footage menu)


                    If yes, have you tried to export to progressive video just to check if there are any interlacing problem ? If yes on every shots ?


                    If you have your issue not on every shots,you should try to invert field (or interpret as progressive) on the problematic shots.


                    Tell us if none of this solved your problem.



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                      I never got round this problem, it was taking all day to test various settings so I just played it back out to tape via Premiere and then captured the footage in Avid. Clearly this is not the best long term option!


                      I'm a PC user. The footage is a DV lower field first interview keyed against a still image. I can export it to Adobe Premiere as an avi file with no problems at all.


                      I have tried exporting using the Avid codec (.mov files), my usual DV codec (.avi file). I can tell these are not the correct settings because in the avid source window, the file is slightly horizontally squashed (I see black for maybe 30 pixels on the left and right side, and the picture information is squashed into the remaining space). The field movement is not smooth on playback.


                      The only export setting I've tried which does not give me this problem is OMF. When I export to OMF using its DV option, and import the resulting file into Avid, the image appears to be the correct size and plays without any interlacing problems. However, there are two problems doing this - (1) there appears to be no option to export audio with an OMF file, and (2) Avid tells me that the file is the wrong resolution (DV411 not DV420). The file then exhibits some weird colour artefacts.


                      Any more suggestions?


                      thks a lot



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                        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                        But what are your import settings in Avid? Just as much as the export from AE et al those will afect how the Avid converts its media... And yes, OMF is video only.



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                          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                          You can also export a WAV file from the Render Queue, in a single export operation. Select the render item in the Render Queue and go to Composition > Add Output Module. Set the second output module to WAV. In a single, step you'll get the OMF file and the WAV file.

                          In my limited experience with Avid systems, I understand that, if the audio file's name (audio.wav) matches the video file's name (audio.omf), they will be treated as a single entity.

                          4:1:1 is the color sampling used in DV NTSC.

                          4:2:0 is the color sampling used in DV PAL.


                          In the OMF format options dialog there are radio buttons for PAL or NTSC, right?

                          In that case, make sure PAL is selected.

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                            ECS_1 Level 1

                            Thanks - I'll try that