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    Paths from Illustrator

    ChrisPoisson Level 1
      This is probably one of those really obvious queries, but I'm just overlooking or forgetting the answer. When you copy paths from Illustrator, and paste onto a solid, how do you adjust the stroke and fill?

      I'm just lost on this one...
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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee
          Hello, Chris.
          The thing is, there are two aspects to an Illustrator object - the structural vector path, and the visual appearances (stroke, fill, etc). These are not really defined by the vector path, but are applied as textures to it.
          When you paste an AI path into AE you're only pasting the bare path. Not the set of visual appearances. In fact, when you paste such paths into AE, you can do so for many different purposes: as a mask path, as a shape path, as a motion (position) path, etc. Any property in AE that uses a vector path can receive this data.

          In the case you mention, selecting a layer and pasting the path, the AI (or PS) vector path is applied as a mask. And as you know, masks don't have visual apperances.

          If you want to paste it as a path that does have visual appearances (stroke, for instances), you have to paste it into the Shape path property, in a shape group inside a Shape Layer.

          For more information, see Copy a path from Illustrator, Photoshop, or Fireworks
          in AE Community Help.

          Adolfo Rozenfeld - Adobe
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            David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
            For stroke, you could use Effect/Generate/Stroke, but I like the additional control with Effect/Paint, and using expressions to connect the mask to the path. If you wanted to animate it's color, you could color the solid white, and use Effect/ColorCorrection/Tint.
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              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee
              Of course, when you paste an AI path as a path in a shape group, you get to add and control attributes for fill/stroke (including many AI appearance goodies like dashes, caps, joins, color/transparency gradient stops, etc)

              Adolfo Rozenfeld - Adobe
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                ChrisPoisson Level 1
                Adolfo, David,

                Thanks for the quick and refresher info, seem to have a handle on this now, so thanks.