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    Import a layered PSD file...stopped importing the layers (no folder in Project files)

    billdaul Level 1
      Dang...I used to import layered PSD files into AE CS4 where a nice little folder of layers were in the Project Files list. Now...when I import...only comes in as the filename.psd file...no layers.

      I ALSO no longer see the little box that once popped up...with the "Import Kind:" and then "Layer Options" "Footage Dimensions:" (it was a little grey box/window).

      What parameter have I changed to screw this up? I have plenty of disk space...haven't changed any AE Preferences...I may have changed a PhotoShop Preference...not sure which one and if it means anything to AE...

      Help yall...I know this is simple...just stalled now without knowing why!

      Thanks, --bill