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    Funny Lines


      When using PAL DV tape footage in After Effects i get strange flickering lines around the edge of my person when using the Keylight effect with a green screen.

      However there is no problem like this when using my hard drive recorder camera

      I guess this is a format problem? The hard drive camera records in NTSC and the DV in PAL? And after effects works in NTSC?

      If this is the case then can i set After Effects to PAL?

      Thanks very much
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          This has nothing to do with the source format. AE is completely agnostic in that regard. DV is heavily compressed, that's why. You are actually seeing the blocks of the compression. Your other camera may use a less agressive compression (AVCHD, MPEG-II I-frame only or whatever), hence it will work better for keying. It is however absolutely possible to get good keys even with DV, it just may involve additional steps. This takes too long to explain, but if you search this forum, you will find enough tips and tricks provided over the years. You can also find enough tutorials on the matter on creativeCOW, videocopilot.net and other sites, so ask the mighty Google.