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    Lightwave Bezier vs. After Effect Bezier

      How do the lightwave and after effects beziers compare? I have been trying to export the after effects beziers to lightwave and I can't seem to get the curves to come out perfectly.

      In lightwave you have an xy tangent for each key x, y and z, where x in the tangent is time, and y is a value. You don't get that same control in after effect. You get one xy tangent to a key position x, y and z and that's it. It's like the same tangent is being used for each key position x, y and z in after effects, which I don't see how that is possible.

      Since the tangent for the x position in lightwave is considered time, I had to convert the after effects x pixel position to time, which made it so one of the curves look ok, but the other two, x and z come out using the same tangents as y.

      Where am I going wrong?
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          I just noticed something, and this makes sense. The curve I am obtaining from after effects is the curve you see in the composition. I need the curves and their tangents from the channels as seen in the graph editor. Is there any way to do that?
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            Nope. Temporal and spatial interpolation are separate in AE, so combining them into one coherent set of keyframe data is difficult, to say the least. I'm not aware of a script that actually does that. Even more so, since Lightwave's Beziers are not the standard formula, but some slightly modified concoction and on top of that in theory you could mix different keyframe interpolation types in LW (I still use TCB a lot, for instance)... All quite confusing and I'm afraid you will have to work with what you have. You may have better luck with converting your AE curves to keyframes (simply apply the default expression and then use the Convert Expression to Keyframes keyframe assistant) and leaving them at linear interpolation in LW, even if it may cause the motionblur to look a little jaggy on occasion.