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    CS3 error (-47) on Mac dual 2 GHz G5 when exporting to SWF & rasterize selected

      Just finished my first project in CS3 AE. Tried to Export>Adobe Flash(SWF)and selected Rasterized from the dropdown Unsupported Features menu. Before the export is complete, I receive the following error:
      After Effects error:deleting file "AE_swf848870.jpg"-file is busy (delete) (-47).
      I have repeated the above process 20-30 times, and get the same error. I have trashed the pref file, and restarted the computer, and only have AE open. Same error. If I export to Quicktime movie or SWF & select Ignore Unsupported features, everything works fine. I created a new project with just 2 words of text and the wiggle preset, and same error occurs as above. I'm using AE (CS3), Mac OS 10.4.10, Quicktime 7.2, 3 GB memory on a Mac Dual 2 GHz G5 PowerPC. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.