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    AE CS3 Startup Scripts Run multiple times in Multi Core/MultiFrame mode.

      Dear forum, I have an interesting and possibly easy to resolve issue.

      It seems that if AE CS3 8.0.0 or 8.0.1 has a start-up script and "MultiFrame" rendering is enabled. AE CS3 will run the script X+1 times for every AfterFX.exe sub-process launched during startup.

      So on a dual core machine the startup script jxs will run 3 times, Once for the main UI the other times for the two extra AfterFX.exe subprocesses. On a Quad core machine it will do it 5 times. etc...

      With in the script I tried using app.isRenderEngine app.isWatchfolder to detect wether its the main AE process or not, however those variables are set to "false".

      So if anyone has an Idea about some undocumented way of detecting which instance is the main one in MultiFrame/MultiCore mode.

      One way around this is to use a shutdown script to clean up a "lock file" but the difference in start-up of the subprocesses in not know so it can run twice, or more given that the subprocesses win the "race".

      I've not tried to reproduce the issue on OS.X yet.

      Basic description of the script is it writes timestamped files to disk. So I expected to get one file per run of AE CS3 instead I get 3 or 5 depending on the machine I'm using.

      Turning multiframe/multicore off is not an option for my configuration.

      I've also tried setting a "global" variable, apparently the variable is local to the the instance of AfterFX.exe launched. So the other two or four instances ignore the variable set.

      Thanks Kindly for Any insight on this.