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    Blue flashes in WMV render

      I'm using AE CS3 on XP Pro SP2 with 3Gb RAM on a dual processor Dell with a nvidia Quadro 3400 (most recent drivers) and I get intermittent blue flashes at various points of my renders. There is no consistency to where or when it occurs. My clients prefer WMV for rough edit review.

      I close the comp window and purge all memory before rendering. I tried disabling OpenGL.

      Has anyone else experienced these render issues with CS3?

      Thanks, Carl
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          csquared63 Level 1
          I forgot to mention the blue flashes colorize the video rather than just filling the screen with a solid blue. It's as if the red and green channels are temporarily disabled.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            The issues are most likely caused by a damaged install of the Windows Media Components. Try to run a Windows Update to bring them up to the latest standards. Remember that updating MediaPlayer is an optional part and you may need to manually select it.

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              csquared63 Level 1
              Thanks for the tip. I just reintalled WMP11 and tried to render again. The first test was fine, but the second had a blue frame.


              Could it be my video card? How can I test it?

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                Mmh, one-colored frames are signs of incorrect color space conversion/ color resampling... the only thing that comes to mind other than the MediaPlayer components itself would be a hiccup during reading the sources or when writing the files. If possible, try to render to another disk. If that's no option, I'd try to cleanup and defrag the disk you are using. Perhaps the gain in speed is enough to prevent further compression errors. The video hardware would only matter during playback. You can verify that by simply turning off hardware acceleration in MediaPlayer or using an alternate player like VLC or MPlayer Classic that use a different playback handling.

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                  csquared63 Level 1
                  Actually, prior to the problem I'm having with the blue frames I was experiencing program freezes or BSOD errors, so I reformatted my C: drive and reinstalled everything. I also defragged my data drive. Last night I tested rendering to the C: drive and the program froze. When I rebooted to get a 'fresh' start and tried rendering to an external, new drive, I got a BSOD and immediate reboot.

                  I had a thought that maybe my Final Effects Complete plugins are not compatible with CS3, so I'll do some tests without the FX tonight.

                  Thanks, Mylenium, for the reply.

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                    csquared63 Level 1
                    The FEC plugins removal made no difference. I tried exporting a QuickTime movie and got blue frames too. They are random and do not appear to be related to any effects or animations happening over the main video.

                    Does anyone have any other ideas what might be causing this? Could it be a hardware issue?

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                      Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                      These tips fixes most of the problems have with AE:
                      i http://generalspecialist.com/2007/02/troubleshooting-after-effects-7.asp

                      Please try and report back.

                      Another thing: Try to create a brand-new project and render just solids to the same Render settings, to see if you get the same errors.

                      - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                        csquared63 Level 1
                        Thanks Jonas. I've reviewed those tips before. I think all is in order in that regard.

                        I also created a project with animated solids as you suggested and it rendered just fine. I even added the QuickTime video bed I used in the original 'problem' comp and it rendered fine.

                        I changed some of the WMV export settings and got an AEGP Plugin memory error, which is strange because I never had a problem with that before and I couldn't locate the Adobe Tech Doc that referred to it exactly:

                        AEGP MediaIO Plugin: MediaIO Error: 0x4
                        Not enough memory to complete this encoding. (5027 :: 12)

                        Any idea what it means?

                        After finding settings that worked, I have not seen the blue flashes. All I need is a 360 x 243 high quality WMV export setting (they were about 2Mbs for 30 seconds of playback under AE7).

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                          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                          Mmh, if you're getting the flashes with other formats, then most certainly they are related to a footage being used in your project. The errors you describe and the overall mysteriousness would indicate that one of your assets uses an outdated encoding or the CoDec handling it might be buggy. That's most likely also the reason you are seeing memory errors. Other than using each footage in an isolated project and trying to render it, there's no way to track down the source of the problem. If you have it at hand, you might wanna try to load the footages in other tools like ProCoder. If indeed one of the files is damaged/ unusable, it may give a more meaningful warning....

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                            csquared63 Level 1
                            That's interesting, because my 'source' for the video footage is an expert editor, but not exactly an expert with his codecs. I'll have to sit with him next time he exports video for me and see what he's doing. Supposedly it's just a pure, uncompressed QuickTime movie, but now I'm suspecting there might be other factors causing the file to be impure.

                            Thanks again for your help.

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                              Also, play with your memory and cache preference settings. I've had flashing frames in renders before, and it was caused by the memory settings.
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                                csquared63 Level 1
                                I haven't adjusted memory settings yet to see if it helps, but it seems to be getting worse. Now, when I scrub my timeline I get the flashes and flipped and inverted frames too.

                                Interestingly enough the same exact AEP will render flawlessly on my MacBook Pro running AE CS3 under Parallels.

                                I'm really starting to suspect my video card- at least with regard to the timeline scrubbing display issues.

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                                  I got exactly the same flipped flashing blue frames rendering out in quicktime from an HDV file. I'd love to find out if anyone narrows down the culprit.
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                                    csquared63 Level 1
                                    Update: I just upgraded my FEC 1.1 to FEC 5.0 and am now getting the following error ...

                                    BFX API Error
                                    The Handle is Invalid
                                    Multiprocessor.cpp 860

                                    The blue flashes are still occurring, but the channels seem shifted now.


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                                      csquared63 Level 1

                                      The blue flashes/flipped frames are definitely a product of OpenGL. I removed the AE plugin and have not seen them since.