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    Leopard 10.5.2

      There is a rumor that an update for Leoard 10.5.2 is coming out this friday. Will updating to this cause problems with After Effects update 8.0.2?
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Like all OS updates - if you're not certain, and you can't afford to risk disaster, don't do it until clarification.
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            Joey Morelli Level 1
            I hate rumors. When they announce it...then we'll worry about it.

            You're worried about something that doesn't exist yet? Crystal balls aside...AE hasn't even released it's Leopard update yet so that should tell you to stay away if you depend highly on AE. Frankly I am a bit shocked by how far behind AE development is with Leopard. It's past "Mid-January", folks... still no update. Leopard is a great speedy OS and I can't even use my bread N butter program on it without worrying.

            * EDIT *

            Just saw the 8.0.2. release post. Nevermind :D
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              Navarro Parker Level 3
              I have one word -- Time Machine.

              oh wait... that's two. Anyway, you should be able to rewind your system folder if 10.5.2 makes thinks go south. After this Quicktime 7.4, fiasco, I'm waiting at least week before any update just to hear if there are any bad news.
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                A. Cobb Level 3
                I hadn't thought of using Time Machine that way. Does it really work for restoring a previous version of just the system folder?
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                  Level 1
                  You can restore anything you want with it, individual files, folders, drives, whatever. Good stuff.
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                    Using AE 8.0.2 & MacOSX 10.5.2 w/ graphic updater and had a complete system meltdown after a solid day. While working on a shot, the screen went completely bonkers with weird, colored geometry on the screen of my MBP 17" w/ nVidia chip.

                    Other than that, it's been running really well (stuff seems smoother to me, but can't be sure).

                    I don't think the melt down happened to AE, but the OS itself because after going through the gestures to quit AE (i.e. command-Q and return a couple of times) the screen did not restore itself. Had to do a hard reboot as the system was either asking me something I couldn't see or was not responding to me keyboard commands.