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    Composition Too Complex

      I Have Been Usuing After Effects on a new dual Xeon dual core with 4 gig Ram and Nvidia FX4600 Graphic Card with a Matrox RTX2 Video Card.
      I have had problems from the start and have reinstalled CS3 completely twice, After Effects works fine then seems to degrade, i build a number of compostions and render them out, then next day make a few changes go for a render and get an this error Message "Render Graph Stak overflow composition too Complex (78::6). Does anyone have an idea, this happens on projects that have already rendered not new projects and i have been working with After Effects for about 6 years now, i have only had problems with CS3.
      Thanks Glenn
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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
          Have you updated AE to 8.0.2 and have the latest drivers for your Matrox card?

          If you reboot, does everything work OK again?

          Here are a few tips that solve most issues:
          i http://generalspecialist.com/2007/02/troubleshooting-after-effects-7.asp

          - Jonas Hummelstrand
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Mmh, this seems to be related to your Matrox card and CoDecs. Basically the way I picture it there are a few possible causes:

            a) the Matrox preview plugin for AE is not compatible with CS3
            b) you are using a buggy or outdated version of their CoDecs
            c) something goes wrong when capturing your files and they have a dmaged internal stream structure
            d) your graphics card is competing with resources of your video card and vice versa. They both get in the way of each other by attempting to "steal" the overlay buffers for accelerated display functions.

            In all cases it seems some garbage ends up being saved in the AE project files for the good intention of fixing those issues, but it does the opposite, causing massive memory consumption and errors when re-opening. As Jonas suggested, update your AE and definitely also look into updating your Matrox drivers and complementary software. Also make sure that everything is configured properly. As a temporary measure I would simply try and disable the secondary monitor area created by the Matrox drivers to feed the video output. If this resolves the erratic behavior, you at least know who is to blame...

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              Level 1
              thanks for the advice, much appreciated, i have checked and seem to have all the right drivers, its still a new system and i got everything installed from the start, including 8.02 update and Matrox tools 3.1
              You may be right in your thought that it is a Matrox/Abobe conflict, the list in the Matrox known issues document is huge, wish i could have seen it before i forked out 2k for the Matrox hardware.