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    AE CS3 exporting to FCP6 in HDV

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      Hey guys. My question was too specific for the search engine here. Simple but very specific question...

      I'm on Final Cut Pro 6 using HDV 1080i source footage and my sequence settings match the footage. So I export the sequence 'as is' as a Quick Time file and import it into After Effects CS3.

      The footage seems to import into AE just fine besides having to check the 'Fix Aspect Ratio' box. Now that I'm ready to export with the Render Que back to FCP6, I use these settings.

      Under Render Settings 'Field Render' to 'Upper'. And under Output Module I select QuickTime and select my HDV1080i compression type.

      To me that seems to be the best match, but when I import the clip back into FCP6, i need to render it. I really want to get this right because rendering on my laptop setup it tough from a time point of view.

      Can someone please tell me the best workflow of getting HDV 1080i footage out of FCP6, into AE CS3 and back again? Thanks for your time!

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          Well, incase anyone was reading this in the past, here is an Update.

          When I render out of After Effects with the HDV Codec, the footage looks great but will not play in realtime in FCP. I wanted to keep the HDV Compression so not much changes in my workflow, but I guess I can't use it unless anyone here (or on a different forum I'm in) has any info for me.

          So now I'm exporting out of After Effects using the 'Apple Intermediate Codec' at 1080i. It imports and plays fine in FCP which is a relief. I wanna know if anyone agrees or disagrees that this is a good way to go. It visually seems fine, I'd rather go by the books for the best results with my current sequences if possible though.

          Any input would be great, thank you!
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            As always, recompressing media is bad.

            If you have HDV footage, apply anything to it in FCP (such as a simple dissolve/mix,) render that to HDV and bring it in to After Effects and then render out to HDV and drop it back into FCP and then render to HDV for final delivery, you will have applied heavy and lossy compression four times to the same footage.

            For any professional work, you want to get out of any lossy compression format as quickly as possible and then only recompress at output. Unless you are going to key any footage, Apple's ProRes 4:2:2 codec offers visually lossless compression.

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              Thanks for your response! Sorry for the late reply.