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    fire effects?

      I just spent about 2 hours searching for a animated fire/flame plugin to use with AE pro v7 for a project.

      I'm surprised at how difficult a time I am having locating a solution.

      I found lots of info about eFX Pyro and I really liked the gallery shots I saw of that... but that product seems to have disapeared from the marketplace.

      What's the current tool of choice for "photo realistic" fire and smoke effects for use in After Effects?

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          Navarro Parker Level 3
          I would check out Particular. Or Wondertouch Particle Illusion. I like them both. Or go shoot some real fire. I find fractal based fire systems really fakey.

          I think the best looking fake fire comes from 3d fluid effects.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Depends on your needs. As Navarro said, you can get some good results by using Particular and analyzing some of the presets you can download in multiple places. If you are looking for candle/torch/camp fire like flames, you may also consider Tinderbox 4 which has a plugin of that type. particleIllusion is also nice, especially since it boasts a wealth of presets. Other than that buying stock footage or shooting real flames yourself is still the best way to get nice fire.

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              Level 1
              Shooting the fire may be the most expedient thing I can do... I have a fire pit, lots of stick wood, a 2/3" chip camera and a edit system.

              I sure did like the look of the eFX Pyro stuff I was viewing... It seemed like it would look perfect for the project I have at hand.

              best regards,
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                bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
                Theanvel.com used to have tons of fabulous pyro suggestions, not a single exotic plugin required. But the site seems to have been taken down. . Ah, WAIT! see this site:
                The site is difficult to navigate, can't find anything easily, but Dean Valez's materials are superb. All of his spectacular fire effects are done with simple fractals and tints.

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                  bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
                  There are some freebies at Dean's new site! They change monthly so this one may not be available any longer by the time you read this post. This is a simple, easily modified, free fire and explosion group of settings.


                  Search the site for ARSON for additional, inexpensive (2 bucks!), really cool fire effects.

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                    Level 1
                    Thanks for the links and suggestions David.

                    As it happens I built a small fire and shot video footage of it. I exported from Premeire and brought short clips into After Effects. I used a luma key and it looks pretty nice after my first experiment/test.

                    I'm going to pursue the video clip method and work on tweaking the look of the composit.

                    best regards,
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                      bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
                      My advice is ALWAYS to shoot it. More fun, too. And yo get to set stuff on fire under controlled conditions, of course, with adult supervision. If fire is important to your projects, visit a pyrotechnics Website or a magic supply in your city. You can find all kinds of pyro enhancers like colorants, accelerators, squibs, glitter and sparkler additives, smoke and interesting stuff to burn.

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                        I need to be able to make it look like the actors are manipulating the smoke into letters/words while the camera is flying around them.

                        Picture pulling on cotton batton or candy floss to form the letters. The letters rise eventually as smoke does naturally. Masking doesn't cut it and that is why I thought using a particle engine would be nice. I love the look of FumeFX but it doesn't plug into AE.

                        Anybody with any thoughts on how to do this? (or would like to do it for me for a film credit?)
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                          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                          Well, if it needs to be that complex, you will need to get into morphing/ warping using RevisionFX RE:Flex. Certainly nothing one could do quickly or easily overnight... My favorite solution would be to paint the stuff using Maya's Fluid Simulation tools which makes for an ideal combination of artistic freedom and physically correct simulation. One of the nice things about Maya, though we no longer have a license and don't use it anymore. Probably FumeFX is similar in that regard.