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    not enough memory to initialize AGM?

      Hello everyone,

      I am getting the following error when I attempt to open a project:

      After Effects error: not enough memory to initialize AGM ( 83 :: 8 )

      The project is pretty big and I only have 2GB of RAM.

      Anyone else ever encounter this or have a solution?

      This project is the most complicated one I have attempted, loosing it is a dreadful thought :(

      Thank you!
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I have not really an idea, but this could be some plugin in one of your comps. What operating system are you on? What version of AE?

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            I'm not using any plugins.
            I'm running Mac OS 10.5.1 and CS3 Production Premium.

            Thank you for your time,

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Oooh yeah. On an iMac or MacBook by any chance? AE CS3 is really only certified for MacBook Pro and MacPros due to potential issues with the graphics hardware on lower-end hardware. Everything thereon is considered "experimental" and may or may not work. Do other applications like Premiere and Encore show any abnormalities? If so, you indeed may need to tweak your graphics settings. Also trash your prefs (should be in ~user\Library\Adobe) Short of that there is always the chance of something deeper being hosed and I'm afraid in that case I can only give the usual "use the CS3 clean scripts and reinstall" which certainly is not met with undying love. ;-)

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                Good news, I am now able to open the project!
                I am on an iMac, which could have been the reason all of this occurred in the first place. I wish I had enough $$$ for CS3 Prod. Prem. AND a decked out Pro machine ;)

                Mylenium, thank you very much for the time you took to help me out, I was going to follow the above steps after trying to reopen the project again.

                Worthy to note, I did update to OS 10.5.2 and Quicktime 7.4.1, I haven't tried to render anything yet, but have my fingers crossed that QT 7.4.1 fixes the issue which prevented me from rendering with the previous release.

                Thanks again,
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                  I am also having the same problem. This is my first time seeing this problem, as I have worked with two previous projects before without running into this problem. I tried opening a template that I have downloaded but After Effects pops up with the message "not enough memory to intialize AGM" and then crashes.


                  I am running on After Effects CS4, Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, Intel Core Dual @1.73GHz, 2GB of RAM, and 186GB of HDD space. My graphics card is the Intel Integrated graphics.


                  Can anyone help me figure out what's going on?


                  Thanks in advance.