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    Color/Gamma changed after 8.0.2 update (Windows)

      After I updated AE to 8.0.2, I noticed that clips are now being rendered a little lighter and sharper than before. Seems as if the color and/or gamma management was changed, but I'm almost certain it wasn't me because I never use those features. Here's how I noticed:

      Last week, shortly after updating AE, I opened a project created in January in order to make some minor changes to a 30ss TV spot done entirely on AE. I was in a hurry, so after revising some text and graphics, I rendered only the required segment. Then, I proceeded to insert the partial AVI with the changes on top of the original AVI on a Premiere timeline.

      Immediately, I noticed something odd. After doing an A/B comparison between the two at exactly the same point in time, the difference was obvious: Gamma was off. Switching off the revised AVI on track 2 revealed that the original was a bit darker. The new clip looked even a bit sharper, more highlighted. They didn't match so I had to render the whole 30ss spot again, or else, the cut would've been noticeable. It happened again on a second 30ss spot done on an entirely different project, which convinced me that it had to be the latest AE update.

      From the beginning I worked both projects at 8 bpc, color management off, OpenGL entirely off and source material unchanged. All clips are rendered as AVI using the Blackmagic MJPEG codec, which I updated last December. Quicktime hasn't been updated either.

      Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone has a suggestion other than resetting preferences? Anything would be helpful.