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    RAM preview doesnt do anything?

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      ive been trying for hours on end to figure out how to get sound to play with my video in AE cs3.

      it used to work fine, and suddenly it stopped, i heard an itunes update may have been the problem to this situation.

      well, i import a video... a .mov....it has audio, and it plays fine in the project bin. i can hear sound and everything...i then drop it into the timeline and there is no audio! and then i export and there is audio.

      i have my speakers on...the bullhorn icon next to the eye icon is enabled. i press LL and see that there is indeed a waveform...i dont know the problem.

      i have my time controls open. i click ram preview. i can hear it automaticly plays from the begining of the clip and i can hear audio. then, when its done there is no more audio. also, if i try a ram preview from the middle, it automatically starts back at the begining.

      it makes it impossible to work on my project. after the ram preview, there little green render bar fills up the whole clip in the timeline. everything should work fine but i cant hear anything. the layer shows there is a waveform, although the audio box opened up shows to audio levels jumping.

      i browsed through the internet and saw other people were facing this problem as well...can it be the itunes update? i read an article on it....the ram preview isnt helping me...any suggestions?

      i would love to work on my project i know exactly what to do but im put on hold, its a bummer!

      please help me!