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    resolution reduced with large source items

      using AE 7 pro. doing composited stop motion and "fake stop motion", using still photos from digital SLR. cropping in preparation, but still fairly large images. i have found by experimentation that any image larger than (exactly) 1440 pixels in any dimension is automatically reduced in resolution. as the larger dimension increases past each multiple of 1440 pixels the reduction in resolution increases step by step. size of composition makes no difference, and effects seem to be applied at a reduced resolution too. resolution can be restored to original by adding a mask that is no larger than 1400x1400 - not always convenient! resolution of result can be fixed by chopping pix up into smaller pieces and putting them back together in a composition (or via multiple similar layers with masks in different positions). i can find nothing in the forum or knowledgebase about this, and no appropriate preference or interpretation settings. is there a way to get around this?