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    video preview problem

      It seems ever since we've updated out AJA Kona 3 I've been having issues viewing HD material on my HD monitor.

      Preferences>Video Preview
      Output AJA and with the SD settings 525i 29.97 RGBA, everything works fine. But when I set it to 1080i 29.97 RGBA (like I've always done) I don't get my full image. First I see the image how it is supposed to be, then the image suddenly changes to something that is very indistinguishable from the true image. The fields are scattered and mixed up. The image is really zoomed in. This goes for all the other HD settings.

      Standard Def comps work fine(for what that's worth). HD comps look fine in the 525i setting but none of the 1080i.

      I'm not sure if this is attributed to the Kona update. I haven't done an HD project in a while.

      my comp settings are HDTV 1080 29.97. Mac OS Tiger