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    rotation wobbly

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      I've imported an illustrator file that has a bevel and extrude effect on it into ae. When I make this layer 3-d and move the anchor point to the center and rotate with the z axis the objet turn with an exaggerated wobble. Is this because ae has trouble with illustrator's extrude and bevel, or could it be because my drawing isn't perfect. Any way to work around this?

      Thank you!

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          I'm not sure what you mean by wobble. If it's a round object then the illustrator footage could be misinterpreted as rectangular pixels. If it's a centering problem you can get around that by importing the AI file as a comp with cropped layers if each element is on it's own layer. You also may have the effects on a separate layer.

          If that doesn't fix the problem I'd have to see the illustrator file and know what your composition settings are.
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            Thanks Rick,

            I'll try re-importing it and see if that solves the problem!

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              Hi Rick,

              Brining in the file as a cropped layer didn't fix the problem. What's happening is that instead of moving around the anchor point, it leans forward and back as it's turning, making the object ( a simple line drawing of a daily with a circle in the center, and tear drop shapes around the circle for petals) look like it's wobbling instead of turning like a wheel.

              The illustrator file is grouped with all the petals and the circle. The entire daisy is on a separate layer and so I could bring it into ae to animate. It has the extrude and bevel effect applied only to the grouped daisy layer to give it a more 3-d look.

              Let me know if this helps you understand what's going on more clearly, and if you have any other suggestions.

              Thank you!

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                Are you certain that the anchor point is at the correct point? If indeed it wobbles and ruling out PAR issues, it seems this wouldn't be the case. Can you verify that the anchor point is indeed smack in the middle by looking at the numerical values? Beyond that it could simply be an optical illusion caused by the bevel.

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                  If the circle is turning into an egg that wobbles the PAR is interpreted wrong. I'll bet that you've created the Illustrator file as something like 720 X 480 points or pixels and that AE is trying to make it rectangular pixels.

                  Open up the fine interpretation window by going to file>interpret footage>main and make sure that all of the illustrator layers are interpreted as square pixels. Then, and only then, if the anchor point is in the center, the wobble will go away.
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                    Brilliant! That's it!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!