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    Text problem

      Hi my fellow motion graphics designers!

      I all of the suddon have this weird issue with text..
      When I type something, nothin apears in the stage but is places the text somewhere outside it. Unless I turn it into a 3d layer, then its back in the centre again..
      Any idee what causes this?


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          Navarro Parker Level 3
          Do you have OpenGL turned on?

          Are the actual text layer position coordinates out in outer space? Or do they have normal coordinates and AE is just drawing them off screen?
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            As Navarro said, check for OpenGL issues. Apart from that, make sure you do not have any text animators moving the letters around. It's quite possible that you have moved the actual base text layer outside your comp and then push the text into the comp with a text animator, e.g. in order to create a title animation. If so, temporarily disable the text animator by toggling its eyeball icon when inputting new text and move the text layer into view.