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    Dent/dip in motion graph between keyframes

      I've noticed that ever since upgrading to AE7, I occasionally get this strange dip/dent in the line/curve between keyframes that I can't seem to get rid of.

      Commonly, it occurs like this:

      I set a keyframe at the first frame, then move the layer/item and set another keyframe at (say) frame 30. Everything's fine... Then I move to (say) frame 40, move the item, and set a keyframe. When I look at the graph, rather than the usual line going from one keyframe to the other, I have a kink/dent in the line going from keyframe 2 and 3, as if a keyframe of a different value was place in between the two keyframes.

      I've tried toggling linear/bezier interpolation, and even removed and redid each of the keyframes, yet nothing gets rid of the kink.

      Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone know why this is happening? This has prevented me from finishing even simple animations, because there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it.

      I never had this problem with previous versions, so I'm really puzzled by what is causing this. Just 3 keyframes, and it does it... nothing else complex or unusual.
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          I'm not sure what you are getting at. Remeber: AE treats temporal and spatial interpolation separately! What you see in the graph editor is merely thre temporal interpolation. Just setting spatial interpolation to linear will have no effect on it. Other than that I have no clue what you possibly could be meaning.

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            What I am meaning is that the graph line between two keyframes does not have a normal path... If it would be linear, it should be a straight line between the two keyframes, and if it's a bezier, it would be a curved line. What I get in this case is that BUT with a bump in the line itself, as if a keyframe were there in between.

            So, if I had a keyframe with a value of say 10 and a second one with a value of 80, rather than a straight or curved line going from 10 to 80 in value, I would have a line that starts going up, then suddenly bumps/ramps to 100 before then going down and reaching the value of 80 at the second keyframe.... as if there was a keyframe a few frames before the second one. As a result, I can't get the animation I want, as the object/layer goes PAST the value I want before reaching the second keyframe.

            In the case of Position keyframes, the object/layer will go from point A, past the intended location of Point B, then to point B when it reaches the second keyframe.

            Anyway, I think I figured it out myself.
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              I think what you're talking about is bounce or rebound. If you change the spatial interpolation from bezier or auto bezier to linear the bounce will go away. You can't change spatial interpolation directly in the timeline graph editor. You change it by going to Keyframe Interpolation by right clicking (or Control + click on a one button mouse mac) on your selected keyframes in the timeline window and picking Keyframe Interpolation or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmnd + Alt/Option + K, or by going to Animation>Keyframe Interpolation from the menu bar.

              While the graph editor will give you an indication of the position of the layer, you can only manipulate the time values in the Timeline Window. In the Composition window, you can only adjust the spatial (position, rotation) property. If you look closely at the keyframes in the Composition window before you change spatial interpolation, you'll see bezier handles on the path. They are really difficult to see on a straight path, but they are there. Changing Spatial Interpolation to linear will get rid of these handles, but you can also do it manually by holding down the G key while hovering close to the motion path and when the cursor changes to an open arrow you grab the path bezier handle and drag it to the keyframe.

              Hope this helps. It's a rather common problem that's easily solved once you realize that you're adjusting the when in the timeline and the where in the comp window.
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                Hi, Rick... Ya, I managed to fix it by using the pulldown version of the interpolation, rather than the editor version. As I figured, it looks like it's actually an overshoot type of thing. It's not really clear until you make the motion path visible... and then you see it as an overshoot (compared to an odd kink in the middle of the graph between keyframes in the editor).

                Okay, thanks for your help.