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    Problem withdroped video tween Final Cut Pro and AE,  with HD footage.

      I'm looking for step by step guide if anyone can help.

      I have HD footage from a Panasonic HVX200, recorded to an FX100 hard drive. I'm using final cut pro to edit.

      When I import footage into AE, after the footage is imported onto my computer through Final Cut, it doesn't run cleanly in AE. The play back skips. I've rendered it out of AE and the rendered file doesn't playblack smoothly. Then I imported the rendered file back into Final Cut, and Final Cut begins to drop video from this file, even though it played it fine before this.

      I've read that it could be a codec issue, but I see AE is already working in Lossless which is supposed to bypass this problem, and the dropping continues.

      I assume part of the problem is the Panasonic uses a new codec (am I right?). Also, HD footage is so large perhaps its causing the problem.

      Does anyone know a fix.