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    Talking Armpit!!!

      Hi guys,

      I'm shooting a commercial that involves a talking armpit (yes, been done a million times I know!).

      I'll be shooting a close-up of a hairy armpit with the middle portion shaved (where the mouth will be). Then I will shoot a close-up of the mouth to drop in.

      Seems fairly straight forward, but this is my first real commercial project and want it to look as real as a talking armpit can be. Any advice? My only concern is making the mouth and armpit skin really look like they are melded into one cohesive unit. Not just a video of a mouth over a video of an armpit.

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          I'd rethink the entire concept. This idea can go from cute to stupid in a heartbeat.

          Blending the two shots simply involves all of the compositing tools that you'd use to pull off a believable green screen shot. The only thing you don't have to do is add light wrap. Check out some compositing tutorials, don't plan on doing this with only two layers, and brush up on your tracking skills. Color correction and grain and or noise matching are probably the most critical parts of the post production equation. Lighting and camera work are the most important parts of the production side.

          As far as pre-production planning goes, make sure that you really consider the effectiveness of the talking armpit approach and make sure your client will be well served by the concept. You don't want your first commercial project to be your last.
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            >My only concern is making the mouth and armpit skin really look like
            >they are melded into one cohesive unit.

            RevisionFX have al lthe tools you need for this - SmoothKit, RE:Fill and RE:Flex certainly might come in handy at some point. You can of course also get some distance with what's in AE - Reshape and Liquify should allow to blend the seams just as will, only not as easily and with a little less control.

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              Hey guys,

              I have a couple of questions regarding being a male and relating our malehood with our armpits. Here I go, let me explain and then you share your opinion, maybe I am too crazy. When I was in my puberty I grew velvet pubic hair and almost no pit hair and so I owuld draw fake hair under my arm with a black marker to feel like a grown up male; then I my pit hair grew I was a little embarrased to take off my shirt (don't know why) but now, in my late 20's I take pride in going to the park lay down on the grass and flex my arms so as girls and guys can see my armpits. I also admit that I feel more "on the groove" when I flash my pit hair to another male than flshing it to a female. is it normal? do other guys feel confortable flashing their armpit hair to other males?, is it a form of unconcious natural competition?, is it a way to display sexual maturity? is it a way to get closer to another "buddy"?, is it a primitive form of brotherhood sign?. if I see another dude's armpit' hair feel like a bro to him, is it normal?, is it just me? do other dudes get disgussed ot bothered when another dude flashes their pit hair?...thank you guys for your opinion!!!
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                Rick Gerard wrote:
                "I'd rethink the entire concept. This idea can go from cute to stupid in a heartbeat..."

                Looks like it's finally gone from cute to "stupid." ;)
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                  If you are shooting both elements individually and practically, you may need a 3D tracker and stabilizer so they don't slip.