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    Gamma shifts mid-render with multiprocessing on?

      I'm rendering out short test clips for a project (1-5 seconds); I've noticed that these clips are shifting gamma several frames into the clip. In other words, the first few frames have the expected gamma, then 2-5 frames from the head of the clip, the gamma shifts and stays shifted for the duration of the clip.

      There are no keyframes in this project, just three DVCPRO HD 720p30 clips aligned in a horizontal strip. Color management is off; turning it on and using HD 709 didn't fix the problem. One clip has the Levels effect applied. The other two have Curves and CC Toner applied. The project is set to 16-bit color.

      The only solution I've found is to turn off the option to "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously".


      Mac Pro QuadCore
      Mac OS 10.5.2
      QuickTime 7.4.1

      Rendering to Lossless (problem happens with both Animation and ProRes HQ codecs).

      Anyone else seen this? I'd like to use multiprocessing if possible. Thanks for any info.