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    Uninstall CS3 is NOT working

      I'm trying to uninstall AE CS3 from my computer but when I use the Uninstall utility, I get error message that shows 2 red Xs and says something like it could not uninstall the application or the shared components. What am I doing wrong? Is there any other way to get rid of the app and its related files completely?

      Thank you...
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          Here's the actual text of the message I'm getting:


          Errors: 2 component(s):
          Adobe After Effects CS3
          Component removal failed
          Shared components
          Component removal failed

          I'm trying to uninstall a trial version a friend gave me so I can install a different trial version I downloaded. When I try to start up the version he gave me, I select that I want to try it for 2 days, but then I get a message that says the license has expired. The version I downloaded (which I've decided to buy if I can ever get this fixed) will not let me install it while the version he gave me is installed.

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            Well, if the "trial" has timed out, then there is no way to uninstall some components. The behavior is "normal" (one could argue that, obviously) and inevitable. To remove the Remnants of CS§, you will have to use the CS3 clean scripts provided here:


            After using them, you should be able to run a clean install. for resolving any issues with the activation/ trial timeout you will have to contact support by phone.

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              Thanks. I'll give it a shot. Will the script remove everything on its own or do I have to trash some files first?
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                The script will remove everything on its own. No need to trash anything.