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    Glitch: AE interface moves as if bumped

      Just like the subject says, The entire interface inside of AE moves a half a centimeter towards the bottom right then resets back. Like a rubberband. When it occurs the menu turns all grey and I have to either reclick to view the names or highlight over them to make the names pop up. It happens rather fast and causes me to have alot of mistakes when clicking items in the menu. It typically only happens when browsing the main menu items (File/Edit/Effect/Etc). Anyone else have this issue before? Just started recently.

      I'm using AE cs3, 2 gigs of ram, amd x2 4800 proc with a Raid x0 setup for 500 gigs of space. I'm also using WinXP sp2.

      Just a note, I have already attempted to uninstall/reinstall. This has not fixed the problem. At the moment it only happens in AE.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          What graphics card? Do you use OpenGL?

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            IntelliPoint drivers have been know to cause problems with AE's GUI.

            Here are a couple of other tips to try:
            i http://generalspecialist.com/2007/02/troubleshooting-after-effects-7.asp

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              I'm using a Geforce 7800 GTX. Its not exactly a quadro card but it runs everything fine (usually).

              I'm giving those tips a shot. I do happen to use intellipoint drivers for my keyboard/mouse. Its a wireless desktop 6000 set from MS. Any suggestions on how I can test that without buying a new keyboard/mouse?

              Just a note, I was in adobe premiere pro and had the same issues if I tried to have them happen. I also crashed twice with a Machine Check error blue screen while capturing some video from my JVC camera. At the moment I have run memtest and chkdisk(read only). No errors on memtest and 1 index deleted in chkdisk. I'm currently defragging my computer to see if anything comes up with that. Also I'm getting a "no tablet drivers" type of message on startup. Had this happen before and fixed it with just reinstalling them but thought that them missing might be connected with my current problems.

              Thanks for the help all. I appreciate it alot.

              --Greg LaRose
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                Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                If you uninstall the IntelliPoint software, your mouse and keyboard should still work fine (and you'll get more free RAM as a bonus!)

                - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                  Ah thanks, So far I have had no trouble with my ui moving on me since I uninstalled the intellipoint software. Seems like everything is working out so far.

                  On a side note, the blue screen I was getting I pinpointed to Adobe Premiere Pro during my capture process. Tape ends during capture and the computer crashes because of it. Ill take this subject to Premiere forums to see if there's a way around it.

                  Thanks all for helping me out. By the way Jonas, nice page you have there. I bookmarked it and found alot of the info useful already.

                  -Greg LaRose