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    Problem importing tif and ai files

      Hello There,

      I have a new Mac Pro, with 7.4.1 Quicktime installed.
      I have two hard drives. With project files on the second drive.

      When i try to import tif or ai files into after effects cs3 i get
      error messages. Other files such as psd files will import.

      If the tif / ai files are copied onto the main hard drive (with the
      actual application on it) then the files import fine. i would rather
      have all files on the second drive and wondered if anyone can help??

      the error message for tif is:

      after effects error: making file reference - file not found (-43)

      the error when i try and import ai files is:

      after effects error: there was an error processing this pdf document (1074397201)

      the files will open in other apps straight from the second drive such as
      photoshop etc..

      any help appreciated,