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    Missing Synthetics In After Effects CS3

      Don't know if anyone can help with this.

      I installed all of the "Master Collection" disks for CS3. In After Effects, most of the presets that I USED to have in AE CS2 are not appearing. There is about (10) in comparison to the (34) that are being displayed on the website for CS3. http://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects/gallery/18.html

      At first I thought these were moved or maybe part of the Cycore Effects package (which I can see some of these under the EFFECTS folder like "puddle" and "rain") but cannot locate many others.

      Very confused. Does anyone know where these are located? I have an older project where I was using "glow blobs" and "melted gold" and I can't find them.

      Anyone else experience this and know of a solution? I am on Windows XP 64 bit.