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    how to increase the time of silde record.

      sorry for my poor english.
      I meet a problem.when i finished a full motion recording and publish it.i found there so many swf files named *_Fullmotion* under that folder.and all of them are necessary otherwise i can not show my complete flash.how can i reduce the number of these swf files?
      Thank you.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Smileruner

          This sounds like you have used Captivate and enabled the "Full motion" recording option. Try using it differently. Use Demonstration recording and you will still end up with many different slides, but fewer actual files to distribute when you are finished.

          There are also issues you are probably unaware of with using the Full Motion recording. If you create a recording that is long enough, you end up seeing the "Red Screen Of Death" as playback exhausts all available memory. Also keep in mind that it's quite literally WYSIWYG. You cannot change aspects of Full Motion recording after you are finished as you can with the other modes.

          Cheers... Rick