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    Preview through HDMI

      I just bought a Intensity Pro video card with a HDMI connection to my Sony LCD 26" TV as a reference monitor (not the computer monitor...). In AE CS3 i select Intensity for my Video output. Now when working in AE, for example with a still photo and som text, the preview in my reference monitor is very, very jagged around the edges (in my computer monitor its perfect). It seems that my reference monitor only shows one field instead of two fields/ one frame. Even with a still picture with no movements its jagged all across the screen.!? It's only effected in AE's preview. If I render out a movie and play it, it's smooth and fine on my reference monitor. My question is this, can't AE handle preview through a HDMI connection.!? Any workarounds.!? I thought if i stayed in a pure digital solution I would get the best picture quality out there... but no.!?

      PS, I got the new Mac Pro 3.0 Mhz and all the latest updates.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          >can't AE handle preview through a HDMI connection.!?

          I certainly think not, in particular since it doesn't even generate fields until you properly render something :-O. The issue is definitely with your card or its configuration. My guess would be that you are working at a composition size and framerate that is not natively supported by the hardware or its AE I/O plugin, thus resulting in a low-quality on-the-fly resampling. Can't give you any pointers, though, as I don't have that hardware floating around. *giggle* Maybe try on the official BMD support forum?

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            I agree with Mylenium - sounds like your comp is not set to the correct resolution of your output stream/preview monitor. The Intensity card does a resize of any resolution fed to it, but it will not be antialiased or softened - thus the nasty jagged look.