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    Audio Synch issue whith imported project


      I built 2 scenes as separate projects in aftereffects. I have imported the 2nd of the projects into the first. Placed them both into a new time line.

      Everything previews fine. When I render it out there is a few seconds delay between the 1st and 2nd project/scene. I am trying to do a slight audio mix between the 2. At this point the screen is black so the video doesn't matter, but the audio on the final render is bumped back about 1 or 2 seconds. It remains in sync with the video, but rather than cross fading between scenes there is a fade, gap, fade in.

      Just wondering if there is something obvious that I'm doing wrong. Could I have some conflicting settings between the 2 projects? They are both at the same frame rate...

      There are a number of easy workarounds I can think of, but I just thought I'd try to fix this problem first.