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    Transferring XSI camera data to AE7

      Seems like you should be able to do this, but I have yet to find anyone who has documented how to successfully do so.

      Seems like you should be able to either render out an RLA and use it natively in AE7, or use an XSI plugin to create an .aec file (Cinema4D file that exports as an AE7 comp) which (supposedly) has camera data.

      The .aec file imports fine, but doesn't seem to have camera data. Maybe it does, but nothing is showing up. Do I need to do anything further to use that data? Do I have to set up a second camera? Do I have to configure anything further? Currently, all the .aec file seems to do is set up a comp for the footage it installs... much like just manually dragging the imported footage onto the Create Comp button.

      The MindThink plugin supposedly works too (if you even need an extra plugin), but there's no documentation, and seemingly the few people who have figured out how to use it don't seem to want to actually say HOW they got it to work... much like the original creator, it seems. So, it's effectively useless to me.

      Can anyone outline how to use this (...and not just point me to another forum of people saying 'Ya, I can't figure it out either')?

      Hope you can help...
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, not an XSI guy myself, but using other 3D programs regularly, allow me to present my thoughts. I would look into the following things:

          - Is the camera at the root level of the scene?
          - If it's inside a hierarchy, is there a way to bake/ convert its motion to world coordinates?
          - Baking may also be required if it is targeted or has any additional animation controllers/ custom attributes.
          - Do the channels required for baking neeed to be added to a special channel set/ selection set/ parameter group?
          - Is it perhaps a special camera type whose parameters cannot be properly translated simply 'cos there is no equivalent in AE?

          Beyond that I'm only aware of some set of VBScripts/ AE Scripts that I have seen float around somewhere on AEnhancers.com. Maybe you can dig them out and get some help from the original author...

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            i http://www.armoredsquirrel.com/blog/?page_id=69

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              Ya, we looked at that a few days ago. Like many of the people on the related forums, we couldn't get it to work either.

              We ultimately had success using .xml files. In fact, it even transferred the 3D model into AE7 as well (cleverly constructed out of several Solids, arranged in 3D space to form an actual 3D object). That was an unexpected surprise!