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    Exporting from AE to Premier Pro

      First off thanks to everyone who posts here. I have been browsing the topics for a couple of months and have learned a ton! One of the issues that I can't seem to find a definate answer on is this. I have the Superimpose template from professional-video-templates.com and after configuring it with my own footage, I'm now looking to take that into Premier. What is the best way to export this in order to best import it? I tried importing the AE project into Premier and it will import fine, but when I try to export a 10 minute clip it says roughly 30+ hours left. Is the raw AE file too large for this?

      I'm sure this is an easy question for most, and I'm loving learning the CS3 suite!
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          >but when I try to export a 10 minute clip it says roughly 30+ hours
          >left. Is the raw AE file too large for this

          Well, 10 minutes is a lot of frames to render in AE terms. I dunno how the template works internally, but it looks like it is indeed processing every frame to do some color correction along with the fitting in the frames/ filmstrips, so long-ish render times would be normal. It also seems to use 3D layers, which can drastically increase render times, even without all the bells and whistles like motion blur. 30 hours seems a bit excessive, though. Most likely you are running extremely low on memory 'cos you are using Dynamic Link to "import" the AE project. Therefore I highly recommend rendering the clip directly from AE and importing it into PPro instead of following your current approach. This should noticeably cut down render times. You should also look into pre-rendering parts of the project. Very likely the original project is created so it loops, and therefore you'd only need to render that short piece one time, then reimport it and let it loop by setting the number of loops on the footage interpretation. This way only the source footage would need be rendered. You could take this even further by pre-rendering this as well with an Alpha channel... Just try it, perhaps it will make your work render a lot faster.